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Type: Unique work on canvas

Medium: Acrylic, gold leaf, glass beads

Dimensions: 60cm x 84cm x 2cm (H x W x D)

Signature: Hand-signed by artist

Authenticity: Sold with certificate of authenticity from the artist

Framing: Not framed

Glass ceiling

  • "Glass Ceiling" presents a thought-provoking exploration of limitations, aspirations, and the struggle for progress. The painting invites viewers to reflect on societal boundaries and the desire to transcend them. The canvas portrays a complex interplay of colours and structure that symbolizes the concept of a "glass ceiling."

    The color palette is bold, predominantly composed of strong tones such as blues, pinks, and hints of muted green. These colors create a sense of calm, even as they convey a sense of confinement. The choice of colors adds depth and dimension to the artwork, suggesting both the beauty and constraint associated with breaking through boundaries.

    "Glass Ceiling" invites contemplation on themes of ambition, empowerment, and societal constructs. It prompts viewers to consider the invisible barriers that can hinder progress, whether on an individual or collective level.

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