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Media & Exhibitions

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Exhibition: The Holy Art Gallery
Participating in the 'IMPRESSIONS' Exhibition with two paintings: "The Garden" and "Belonging"
8-17th September 2023

Holy Art 1.png

The Garden

Reminiscing the beauty of the garden in a sunny summer day,  Acrylic on stretched canvas, mixed media using layering and gold leaf to bring to life the joy and happiness brought by time spent in the garden.

Holy Art 2_edited.png


Belonging brings elements of fun and happiness to create an atmosphere were everyone can be their authentic self. Acrylic on stretched canvas.

Creating Art

Media publications

Interview Nicoleta Raportaru @ The Holy Art Gallery

"Painting offers me a channel for self-expression and self-discovery, and serves as a conduit to explore the boundless possibilities of the world. I want my art to invite viewers to immerse themselves in a world where imagination takes center stage."

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Published art in Artist Talk Magazine

4 paintings published: Deep Energy, Waterfall, Balance & Evolution

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Saatchi Art
Nicoleta Raportaru Studio

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