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The discovery journey


Artistic philosophy

For Nicoleta, art is a deeply personal and introspective journey, offering a channel for self-expression and self-discovery. Her paintings serve as a conduit to explore the boundless possibilities of the world, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world where imagination takes center stage.

Known for her bold use of color, especially pink, Nicoleta employs a rich and vibrant palette that breathes life into her abstract compositions. Pink, the colour of opposites, evokes strong emotions, inspires a sense of optimism, positivity and hope. Her paintings embrace the subtleties and expressive potential of this hue, creating visually striking and emotionally evocative compositions.


Through soft shades and gentle gradients, she creates a serene and calming atmosphere. Other times, her art reveals a playful and youthful spirit. Vibrant pinks burst onto the canvas, imbuing her compositions with energy and vitality. Swirling forms and dynamic shapes in shades of pink dance across the artwork, evoking a sense of joy and carefree enthusiasm.

Exploring vibrant abstractions through self-taught mastery

Nicoleta is a self-taught artist that creates abstract artworks that burst with vibrant colors and boundless energy. With a distinctive style and an intuitive approach to art, she gets inspired by nature, feelings and moments creating unique pieces that transform people's homes.

As Nicoleta's artistic journey continues to unfold, her vibrant and dynamic abstract paintings continue to ignite a sense of wonder and bring joy to those that love original, affordable art.

Style and Inspirations

Drawing inspiration from the wonders of nature, the depths of emotions, and the limitless imagination, Nicoleta creates captivating abstract compositions that evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity. Her paintings are a reflection of her inner world, translated onto the canvas with a harmonious blend of colors, textures, and dynamic brushwork.


Nicoleta embarked on the  artistic journey without formal training, relying on her passion, curiosity, and sheer determination to develop her craft and drive joy. Exploring various techniques and experimenting with different mediums, she pushed the boundaries of her artistic abilities, allowing for her style to emerge organically.


by A Friend

…and so she sits in the quiet of the afternoon

Sunlight streaming through the window, dappling the room

The canvas looks upon her with intrigue

She sits, still, staring back neither breathing, neither stirring


The white expanse offering an eternity of opportunity

How should they share their journey today...?

What mark shall they make upon the world?

With care and ease she brings brush to paper

Free of the constraints of life

She is released to her own want and desire

Enveloped in her world of quiet solitude she paints

Bringing life to that canvas

Bringing life to herself

Form takes shape, colours breathing life to vision

She feels the pressure of the world slip from her shoulders

She smiles.....

The oasis of time, that moment is hers ...and hers alone ...and so she sits in the quiet of the afternoon…

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