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Type: Unique work on canvas

Medium: Acrylic, gold leaf, glass beads

Dimensions: 60cm x 84cm x 2cm (Width x Height x Depth)

Signature: Hand-signed by artist

Authenticity: Sold with certificate of authenticity from the artist

Framing: Not framed


  • "Balance" transcends traditional representation, inviting viewers into a realm of emotion and contemplation through its dynamic composition. The canvas is a mix of color, texture, and form, expressing a deep sense of equilibrium despite its apparent chaos. "Balance" is brought to life by a symphony of brushstrokes, ranging from bold, impulsive strokes to delicate, intricate markings. Vibrant hues of pink, blue, green and gold dance across the canvas, creating a harmonious yet unpredictable interplay of color.

    At the center of the composition is gold leaf, a visual metaphor for the delicate balance between order and chaos, where geometric precision coexists with fluid spontaneity. The texture of the painting creates a tactile contrast that asks to be explored by both the eyes and the fingertips.

    The intermingling of rough and smooth surfaces adds an additional layer of complexity, further echoing the concept of balance within contrasts. The color palette of "Balance" is both vibrant and restrained. Bright splashes of color are tempered by subtle gradients and muted tones, evoking a sense of visual harmony even in the midst of bold contrasts. This balance in color adds to the overall sense of unity within diversity.

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